Chairman Message


Managing Director

At AKCL India Real Estate Limited, We have taken every possible step to develop the necessary infrastructure, technology, Facilities and customer support. AKCL India Real State Limited is already running 5 successful projects and adding more branches to the growing tree of bright SPA Properties. We have fostered the excellent working environment for our associates and have created an atmosphere of innovation to develop the confidence in them.

To embark on a jouney of success one needs the tools of preparedness, foresight and strategy. These lead to the path of growth and success.

The success and eminence of SPA Properties begains as the dream of one man, extended to be tranformed into the dream of many. We strive to accomplish our dreams and goals to bring greater effulgence in the AKCL India Real State Limited. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the board, customers and stakeholders for their continued confidence and the employees for their support. My assurance on behalf of the AKCL India Real State Limited that we will continue pursuing our goals with zeal and vigor.