Other Projects

India is densely populated and has high solar insolation, an ideal combination for using solor power in India. In the solar energy sector, some large projects have been proposed, and a 35,00 km2 (14,00 sq mi) area of the Thar Desert has been set aside for solar power projects, sufficient to generate 700 to 2,100 GW. Also India's Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has released the JNNSM Phase 2 Draft Policy, [1] by which the Government aims to install 10 GW OF Solar Power and of this 10 GW target, 4 GW would fall under the central scheme and the remaining 6 GW under various State specific schemes.

AKCL India Real Estate Ltd Life Group Solor Power is coming up with Solor Project at Dudu - Malpura Road, Rajasthan. We already acquired 7 Bigha of Land in Barol Village and about 50 Bigha of land will be acquire for the project and that is in process.