About Company

AKCL India Real Estate Limited is proud to have reached today new horizons of enlargement with philosophy of "Growing Together" we have always given importance to the fact that profit earning is the Quantitative aspect whereas the proper utilization of profit is the Qualitative aspect.

I, therefore make sure that every action, reaction, selection, appreciation or criticism should be oriented towards the Qualitative acpect. My appeal to everyone to accord priority to Qualitative aspect in anything and everything for peaceful, prosperous and progressive co-existence fo mankind.

Today, I feel proud of good team behind SPA Properties. All are aiming towards one goal that everybody can only grow with qualitative business norms. With such a talented team SPA Properties has a grand and infinite AKCL India Real State Limited and I am sure that we will sustain our duty, consciousness, discipline and dutifulness with a sense of dedication, so that together we can build an India full of energy and radiance.