How To Access PS4 Capture Gallery On Phone – Easy Steps 

How To Access PS4 Capture Gallery On Phone

As an avid gamer, you need to know how to access the PS4 capture gallery on phone to share your best gaming moments with friends or family. 

The PlayStation 4 is one of the best consoles by Sony because of its amazing graphics, response, and control. Some popular PS4 games include FIFA, Call of Duty, and more. 

While playing either of the games, you’ll have incredible moments you’ll want to share with friends. It can be a great headshot in Call of Duty or a bicycle goal in FIFA. 

Amazingly PS4 allows gamers to capture screenshots and gameplay videos of such moments, which are then stored in the capture gallery. 

This article explains how you can access the capture gallery from your phone and easily share your best screenshots. Read on to learn more. 

How to Access PS4 Capture Gallery on Phone

The PlayStation app can access the PS4 capture gallery from your smartphone. All you need to do is download the app on your smartphone – from PlayStore or the official PlayStation website. 

Log into the app using your PlayStation Network account; you’ll be able to see the PS4 capture gallery and even share them on your social media platforms. Note that your PS4 must be connected to the internet for this to work.

Here is a step-by-step guide on downloading and using the PlayStation app to access the capture gallery. 

  1. Download the PlayStation app. You can get it in Google Play, Appstore, or the official PlayStation website. 
  2. After installing the app on your phone, open and sign in with your PlayStation network account.  
  3. While on the app’s main screen, you’ll see the “Access PS4 Photos and Videos.” Click on the tab to access the PS4 capture gallery. 
  4. You can select the images or videos you want to view or share. 

Other Methods to Access Your PS4 Images and Videos on Phone

These methods are lengthy but great for people whose smartphones don’t support the PlayStation app. They include; 

1. Sharing Gallery Directly to Social Media 

Upload your media directly to your social media platforms. You can switch media privacy to “Only Me” not to capture a lot of attention online. After this, download the pictures or videos from your social platform using your phone. 

Even though it takes a lot of time, it’s effective. However, it can be challenging for new PS4 users since it involves navigating around the menu, which they don’t understand well. 

2. Send Media on Messaging 

It is one of the most viable methods. It’s not as lengthy as the one mentioned above. All you need to do is open the console and go to the capture gallery, pick a picture or video you’d love to download, and share it with your friend using the chat option. 

If you don’t want to bother someone else, you can create a chat with yourself and send the media you want. 

Excellent PS4 Features You Need to Know

The PS4 has been in the market for over five years. But it still stands out as one of the best consoles of its generation. PS4 has some of the most incredible and exclusive games with amazing graphics. 

Besides playing games, the PS4 console has some nifty features that most gamers aren’t aware of. Let’s take a look at them. 

1. Share Play 

This is one of the recent PS4 features and is the coolest. It allows you to share your game with friends and family differently. 

They can also watch you play or control the game from their PlayStations. 

For example, in a game like Far Cry 4, your friend can play it even without needing a copy. There’s no other console dedicated to social play like PlayStation; this feature will likely improve with time. 

2. Voice Command

The Xbox One voice command got so much attention when it was first announced. Surprisingly the PS4 console has this feature, but Sony didn’t publicize it. You can access and enable the voice command feature from the options menu. 

The voice command feature will enable you to browse the internet, select different apps, start a game, and much more. It’s one of the PS4’s hidden features that you should check out.

3. Controller Headphone Jack 

The headphone jack on the dual shock is another fantastic feature to try. It’s a simple addition yet offers more convenience. 

You can plug any headphones into the controller and hear the game audio. This reduces the hassle of having to plug them into a TV. 

It also works with voice-chat functionality headsets; you don’t need the Sony-branded headset to use voice communications. 

4. Appear Offline 

Having the PS connected to the internet allows you to access more features. Plus, it will enable you to connect with friends, play games, and chat. However, sometimes you need your own time to play alone without interruptions. 

In such instances, the “appear offline” feature can come in handy. It’ll still allow you to access some essential features online. To use this feature, highlight your profile and click the options button. 

A window will pop up telling you to log in with your status as offline. You can then continue playing without engaging in any social interactions. 

5. The Library

The library feature was a post-launch addition to the PlayStation 4 that lists all the games tied to a user’s account. 

Other than organizing all your games in one place, it makes them easily accessible and shows other games you can purchase. 

This feature is handy for PS4 users with a large backlog of free games.

6. Share Factory  

The PS4 console allows you to take screenshots, record videos of a game, and share it. However, you’ll miss out on many views if your images or videos need to be looking better. 

The shared factory is a free editing app found in the PlayStation app. You can use it to enhance your recorded game videos. 

Some of the things this app can do include adding a variety of effects, soundtracks, commentary, etc. The app can also add intros and outros to your videos. 

All in all, share factory is a fantastic app that most people skip over because they aren’t aware of its uses. But it indeed has a lot of useful functionalities. 

7. External Hard Drive Support 

It doesn’t sound that awesome, but it is a handy feature. The first PS4 consoles didn’t have this feature. 

Therefore, to upgrade storage, you had to swap out the internal drive, which is quite a process. The internal drive is generally more expensive than an external hard drive.  

But the 2017 firmware update fixed this issue by adding external hard drive support. This means you can quickly increase the capacity of your PS4. The only problem is that it might clutter your PS4 setup. 

8. Playtime Management 

To kids, such parental features aren’t any cool, but to parents, this is one of the best features of PS4. Playtime management allows parents to monitor and manage their kids’ playtime. 

With this feature, you can check to see your kids’ playtime each day and even set it with specific hours. It then sends a notification to a child while playing, informing them when they should save and quit the game. 

The best part is that you can monitor and change the settings using a PC or smartphone. The feature is accessible from settings, the family management on your PS4. 

How To Transfer Files From Phone To PlayStation 4

Sending files from an external device (smartphone) to the PS4 is time-consuming and confusing. You might even lose some of the files on the external device. But still, it’s something that you need to know, just in case. 

  1. You’ll have to first connect your smartphone to your PC or laptop. Then transfer the files to the PC. 
  2. Connect an SD card or an external hard drive to the PC and then format the device into FAT32 or EXFAT. The PS4 console won’t recognize the device contents if you don’t do this. 
  3. Transfer the files from your PC or laptop to the connected external device or SD card. 
  4. After successfully transferring the files to the external device, unplug it from the PC. 
  5. Connect the external device to the PS4 console. You can easily plug it into the console through the front USB ports if it’s an external HDD. You’ll need an SD reader/ adapter to connect to the USB ports if it’s an SD card. 
  6. If the PS4 recognizes the connected device, directly transfer the files to the console.


Learning how to access PS4 capture gallery on phone will help you enjoy gaming much more. You’ll be able to share some of your best moments with friends and show how you’ve progressed using your smartphone. 

The easiest way to access the capture gallery is through the PlayStation app. It’s easily downloadable and has a user-friendly interface. If your phone doesn’t support the app, there are still many ways around it. 

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