How To Quit Vector Marketing – The Right Things To Do

How To Quit Vector Marketing

Are you tired of working at Vector Marketing and looking for better ways on how to quit vector marketing? 

Vector marketing is a popular company that recruits college and high school-age students to sell Cutco knives to family and friends. 

The company is legitimate and promises young people an easy $25 per hour and a good resume experience. 

However, Vector Marketing has a lot of loopholes that make people think it’s a scam. It lacks transparency and utilizes manipulative marketing to sell its products. 

Most workers complain of poor working conditions and are always quitting. If you want to quit, then this article has got you covered. Let’s get started. 

How To Quit Vector Marketing? 

If you’re looking to quit your job at Vector Marketing, here are a few steps to do it. 

1. Talk to Your Manager

Like in other jobs, the first thing to do before quitting is to talk to your manager or boss. Tell them that you’ve decided to leave and give a reason as to why. 

Ensure you quit in person, it’ll make you clammy, but it’s the best way to do it – don’t do it by email or phone. Lastly, be polite when quitting to avoid burning bridges; your boss might be the linkage to your new job. 

2. Offer Notice 

According to most company policies, you need to offer notice before quitting. Each company has its rules regarding this, but the best notice should be given at least two weeks before. 

Typically two weeks is standard; the company will have enough time to look for your replacement. 

3. Return the Company’s Property

If you were given any company property, like the product samples or sales kit, you should return it. The property should be in stellar condition. 

If you don’t return the company’s property or it’s in bad condition, they’ll deduct your salary appropriately to cover its cost or repair. 

4. Close any Open Orders. 

If you have any open orders, then you need to work on them fast. Ensure all the customers that had contacted you and made payments have received their products, refund, or replacements. 

5. Follow the Company’s Procedure 

You should verify the company’s quitting procedure with your manager and follow the instructions as stated. It’ll help you avoid breaking any laws that could lead you into more trouble. 

6. Stay in Touch 

Ensure your manager has your contact information, such as your email address or phone number, so they can easily reach you in case of any issues. 

For example, if they want to pay money owed to you and need to confirm your bank account before sending it. 

Can You Quit Vector Marketing Job On The Spot? 

Yes, you can legally quit a job on the spot in the USA, but it’s not a great move. That’s because it doesn’t benefit you and your employer. 

Furthermore, you’ll likely burn bridges and negatively impact your teammates and coworkers when you leave. 

Since the business has to continue running, your workload will immediately be distributed to others without proper planning. 

However, there are reasons why quitting your job on the spot is the best thing to do. For example, if you’re working in a hostile environment where you are a victim of either sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, or other illegal activity. 

In case you experience any of the mentioned, it’s important to seek legal advice from a professional. 

File a formal complaint for legal purposes and documentation. The legal expert can also guide you on handling the situation best. 

Why Are People Quitting Vector Marketing? 

As you walk through the campus buildings, you won’t help but notice the famous Vector Marketing posters. 

It’s a highly controversial direct sales company that most former employees consider a pyramid scheme. 

The company focuses on desperate students looking for a wage, with its posters advertising a base pay of $25 per hour. 

However, students that have worked for Vector Marketing claim that the truth behind these posters is darker than what people think at first glance. 

Here are the reasons why most people quit vector marketing just some months after joining.

It Exploits Its Workers 

There is news that Vector Marketing has a hostile working environment that takes advantage of desperate campus students. 

The company cares more about saving resources and money than ensuring its workers are well-trained. 

They don’t teach their workers anything substantial about marketing; thus, many are usually overwhelmed while in the field. 

The recruitment process is also shitty; the prospective employees don’t submit applications. All they do is sign up for a group interview with as many as 20 individuals. 

During its 3-day mandatory training session, the company lies to its employees about the dream of earning thousands of dollars in no time. The training doesn’t put much focus on marketing strategies. 

The $25 Per Hour Wage Is a Lie. 

The $25 per hour wage claim is misleading as Vector Marketing only pays its employees when they earn commission from a sale. 

The commission starts at 10% per sale or every hour when an employee physically markets the products, such as Cutco knives, in a formal appointment. 

So, if you join the company hoping to make thousands of dollars in a month, you’ll be disappointed. You should consider quitting.

Very Tight Deadlines  

The company has unfeasible sales deadlines, which can be stressful. Vector Marketing expects its employees to make six sales of approximately $600 each within the first week. 

Additionally, you have to find ten more leads for potential clients after closing a sale. If you miss the deadlines, you’ll risk termination from the company. Some supervisors will also harass you and ask you to make up for the lost business.

Unreliable Pay

Vector Marketing pay is so unreliable, and this is because their workforce is solely made of college students that are vulnerable to wealth and job insecurity. 

Today, college debt is quite high; thus, many young adults work hard to make ends meet. They need a stable source of income and support, which leads them to Vector Marketing. 

The company knows how desperate students are for money and therefore provides false promises of riches. In return, they demand a lot of effort and time. 

Illegal Business Practices 

In as much as the company is legitimate, it has a lot of laws suits against them for not compensating its employees for time spent in compulsory training. 

From the exploitation of workers to intrusive campus advertisements, this company is regarded as a predator at heart. 

Many students try spreading awareness through articles to fight the company’s immoral business practices.

Factors To Consider Before Quitting A Job  

You must consider several things before deciding it’s time to leave your job. They include: 

1. Lack of Opportunity

Humans like to challenge themselves by pursuing opportunities to help them reach their full potential. If you’re certain you can’t progress your career at your current workplace, then it’s a sign that it’s time to go. 

2. Toxic Work Environment 

You should feel safe, trust your leaders and feel a sense of belonging in your current job. You should also be able to trust your leaders. If not, you’re likely in a toxic environment, and it’ll quickly wear you out rather than build you. 

3. Personal Life Conflict or Commitment 

Work and personal life are usually so intertwined. You can consider a change if your work life negatively impacts your personal life. This is especially the case if your workplace isn’t completely accommodating your other life. 

For example, your family has recently got a child, and the company doesn’t allow you to postpone your business trips. 

Or if your work involves 80% traveling but needs more time with family, you’ll need to find something new. 

4. Better Opportunity in Another Company

You could quit your current job if you get a better opportunity in another company that includes great benefits, compensation, and career growth. However, consider professional development, work-life balance, and other growth opportunities.

5. Health Reasons 

You can leave your job due to health reasons and need for more time that’ll allow you to attend doctor’s appointments. 

This also applies to an employer that needs time to tend to a sick family member. A pregnant woman, too, might need to leave her job when the due date approaches so that she can focus on full-time parenting.

6. Career Change  

Are you looking to change your career to a job that offers you more time and opportunity to develop or grow your skills? 

If this is your reason, then you can quit your current job. People change careers for various reasons, which include going back to school for advanced training and more. 


This article offers steps on how to quit Vector Marketing, and it’s not complicated. Vector Marketing is a popular company that has been in the headlines for many things, positive and negative. 

Most people quit working in this company because of their poor working conditions. Regardless of why you quit, the tips in this article will help you do it easily. 

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