How To Unlock A Sliding Door From Outside – Best Techniques

How To Unlock A Sliding Door From Outside

Did you accidentally lock your door and are now looking for ways on how to unlock your sliding door from outside? 

The sliding doors are commonly used to separate the sunroom from the rest of the house. There are different sliding doors, each with unique locking methods to ensure you and your belongings are safe. 

But unfortunately, the sliding door can get locked from the inside. You’re probably in this article because this has happened to you. 

Luckily unlocking a sliding door from the outside isn’t a complicated thing. You can do it in just minutes. Read on to learn more. 

How To Unlock A Sliding Door From Outside 

There are several ways to unlock a sliding door from the outside, and none is tricky. If you’re doing it yourself, you’ll have to apply pressure against the door to make its lock fail. 

Alternatively, you can use a screwdriver to try and reach the keyhole from the outside; however, if you try all the hacks and are still unable to open it is best to call a locksmith.  

This is a summary of what you can do to unlock your door. Below is more information on how to do it. 

1. Apply Some Force Against the Door 

This technique can only work on simple sliding door locks. All you need to do is push against the door, make sure you put enough vitality and pressure on the door. 

This might cause the lock to fail in seconds, and you can easily slide the door open and access your house. 

2. Use a Small Screw Driver 

This method will work well on sliding doors with “privacy handles” that lock by pushing a button on the door handle. 

While outside, look for a tiny hole in the door knob. Insert a small butter knife, eyeglass screwdriver, or a paper clip hammered flat into this hole. 

Push the tool you’re using straight and deep, then twist or turn it until it catches the groove. Do this until the lock clicks open. 

3. Unlock Using Hacks 

If the sliding door locks you outside, you won’t be able to access the fitted slider. In such a situation, the easiest way to unlock the door is to deal with the fixed panel. 

First, locate the termination point of the top and bottom tracks. Secondly, find the screws, brackets, and bumpers securing the panel and disintegrate them using a screwdriver. 

There’s a stationery panel like the sliding panel at the top and bottom track. If it fails to come out, grasp it and try to lift it. After separating the panel from the bottom frame, tilt it toward your feet. 

The process will separate the panel from the bottom track. Detach it from the top track by pulling it down. If it fails to separate, you’ll need to put more force. 

4. Call for Professional Help 

If you’re unsure about what you’re doing and looking to save time, you can call a locksmith. It’ll only cost you a few dollars, and they’ll do it in minutes because they understand how locks work pretty well.

5. Look for Unlocked Doors or Windows 

You can check all the room’s or houses’ entrances, including windows. While leaving anything that offers entry into your home unlocked is not a great idea, you might get lucky this time.

Tips To Avoid Being Locked Out Of Your Sliding Door 

Today it’s hard to lock yourself outside because there are so many electronics to help. But, sometimes, it can happen, and it’s always frustrating. This section lists a few tips that can help you avoid getting locked out of your house or room.  

1. Go Keyless 

There are several ways to go keyless, but the best is using smart locks. These handy devices don’t need a key and are controlled using a smartphone. Integrate the smart lock with your security system and control everything from one app. 

Additionally, you can provide guests, including family and friends, with custom codes that they can use to unlock the door anytime from anywhere.  

2. Give a Key to a Nearby Family Member or Trusted Neighbor 

Do you live close to a family member or have a neighbor you trust? Perfect, you can use them. However, before giving your key to a neighbor, ensure you know them well and truly trust them. 

Giving a key to a neighbor is not only great when you get locked out, but it can come in handy when you need help with something in your home when far away. 

For example, if you suspect you have a gas leak or a storm coming and forgot to lock your window etc. The neighbor can ask your neighbor to get into the house and check these things out for you. 

3. Keep a Spare Key in The Car 

Keeping your spare house key in your can save you from a lot of trouble in case you lock yourself outside. Plus, this will work well if you separate your car key from the spare house key. 

However, there’s a downside if you don’t keep the key carefully. That’s because if a person manages to break into your car, they’ll also get potential access to your house.

Ensure you hide the key incredibly well in your vehicle. Please put it in a place where it can’t be easily found.

4. Hide the Key in a Lock Box 

Most people securely hide their spare keys outside the home to avoid being locked out; this is a good solution but not the safest. 

Note that most burglaries reported in the USA don’t involve forced entry. How does it happen? These thieves know that people hide their spare keys and the familiar places people put them. 

Others will spy on you for a month until the day that you’ll access your lockbox. Therefore, instead of only hiding a key, hide your lockbox. You can secure it further using strong code combinations. 

Overall don’t just place the lockbox in plain sight as some people do. A hidden lockbox is more secure. 

5.Switch to a Deadbolt 

This has happened to many people – the moment they realize they’ve left their keys in the house, the door slams and automatically locks. 

To avoid this nightmare, you can replace the standard entrance-style lock with a deadbolt. The deadbolt is secure, and you can only lock it with a key from the outside. 

6. Keep a Locksmith on Speed Dial

If you’re the type who constantly loses or forgets the key inside your house, you need to build a great relationship with a locksmith. 

Look for a locksmith in or around your neighborhood; this way, they’ll easily and quickly come to your rescue when you need them. 

In addition, a locksmith will help you get into your house faster while saving you some dollars. You might get a loyal customer discount if you work with a particular company for a long time. 

Ways To Improve Your Sliding Door Security 

As mentioned, sliding doors are still maintaining popularity. People love them because they offer convenience and are space-saving. Here are some of the ways that you can reinforce the security of your sliding doors. 

Anti-Lift Devices

The one significant risk of having a sliding door is that it can be easily lifted from its tracks and then moved above any obstruction, preventing them from being compromised. 

You can prevent this by fitting the anti-lift devices at the top of the door frame. It reduces the gap between the top of the door and the frame, which means the door can’t be lifted. 

There are various types of anti-lift door plates. Some secure the door when it is partially open, so it can’t be opened further, while others secure the door when closed.

Track Blockers 

Installing track blockers is another effective way of enhancing the security of your sliding door. It’s usually fitted into the sliding door tracks and controls the door’s movement. You can also use it to keep the door partially open and let in some fresh air during hot months. 

The best part is that the bars are adjustable and extendable to fit well in most tracks and door sizes. Plus, they can withstand repeated impact. 

Reinforced Glass 

There are door glasses that are already reinforced. If it’s not, you can do it yourself – it’s a great way to enhance the security of your doors. 

Add the window security film; it can withstand extreme pressure. The window security film will not only protect your house from break-ins, but it’ll also keep the glass together during a breakage. 


If you have a sliding door, you need to know how to unlock the sliding door from outside in case you accidentally lockout yourself. This can happen when you forget the house’s key or lose it. 

There are several ways to unlock your sliding door from the outside, and they are simple. But if you don’t have the necessary tools or want to save time, you can call for professional help. They’ll do the work quickly and won’t cost much.  

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