Is Taylor Lautner Native American? His Age, Wife & Net Worth

Is Taylor Lautner Native American

The number of people searching Google for the term “Is Taylor Lautner Native American” will convince you that they conclude that he is truly Native American. Lautner looks like a Native American, but is he one of them? You’ll find out in this post. 

Taylor Lautner is a highly talented American actor, model and martial artist. He has starred in several blockbusters, including the movie, Twilight. 

Despite being young, Lautner has had a successful career that many people his age would wish they had. He has received several awards for his amazing talent, including Teen Choice Award and the People’s Choice Award. 

Many fans and critics believe he’s Native American. But here’s one thing they didn’t know about Taylor Lautner’s ancestry. Read to get more details. 

Is Taylor Lautner a Native American

Taylor Lautner isn’t Native American. Like most actors, Lautner claims he has Native American ancestry via his mother. 

He was raised as a Roman Catholic and boasted French, Dutch, and German ancestry. His distant Native American ancestry is said to be from the Odawa and Potawatomi, which comprise the Anishinaabe people. 

Again, he claims his Native American ancestry from his mother. Taylor Lautner grew up in Hudsonville, Michigan. Now, these are just claims. 

How Old Is Taylor Lautner?

Taylor Lautner was born on February 11, 1992. He would become 31 in 2023. He’s 5’ 8” and a young American actor with several awards.   

Lautner has had a massive career, though there is a whole lot ahead of time. His signature look was why many thought he was Native American.   

How Old Was Taylor Lautner In Sharkboy? 

Taylor Lautner started his acting career at a very young age. He had supportive parents who were always there for him through thick and thin. 

Lautner was 13 years old when he was featured in Sharkboy, including Lavagirl in 2015. Lava Girl marked his first lead acting role, but Twilight blew up his Career. He became a star and well-known after the movie. 

Lautner is now 31 years and has been featured in several Hollywood movies. He’s no longer hiding under Twilight fame but creating a path in his movie career. He has been featured in movies such as Run The Tide, Abduction, Grown Ups 2, Home Team and The Ridiculous 6. 

In addition to featuring in Hollywood movies, Lautner has appeared in several popular TV series like Scream Queens, My Own Worst Enemy, and Cuckoo. 

How Old Was Taylor Lautner In Twilight 

Taylor Lautner was only 16 years when he featured in the first filming of Twilight. He played the character “Jacob Black,” a Shape-shifter or werewolf of the Quileute tribe. 

So, Lautner acted as a Native American in the teen series, Twilight, a story based on Stephanie Meyer’s best-selling novel. The Twilight movie was a highly successful film. It even became a successful franchise and gave rise to four more films. 

What Is Taylor Lautner’s Age In Twilight Saga: New Moon

Taylor Lautner acted in the second Twilight movie, “New Moon,” produced in 2009 (a year after the first movie). By then, he was already 17 years old. 

In the second Twilight movie, Lautner, “Jacob Black”, grew a year older and acted as a werewolf. But these weren’t the most important changes he had to make. He also needed to have a body to play the role convincingly. 

The producers needed someone with an impressive physique and thought that Lautner wasn’t a good fit. They wanted to hire someone else for the role, but Taylor Lautner refused. Instead, he got to work and built an impressive physique.   

The Movie was released and generated massive revenue for the producers. They had a $50 million budget and generated $709 million. The movie’s success was credited to Lautner, whose producers’ claim he took a significant role and performed incredibly well. 

How Old Was Taylor Lautner In Twilight Saga: Eclipse?

The movie “Eclipse” was the third film of the Twilight franchise. It was released in 2010, a year after the second movie was released. Taylor Lautner was 18 years old when the movie was released. 

The movie showed Lautner, “Jacob Black”, professing his love for Bella. He tried so hard to convince Bella to choose him over Edward. Bella admits she loves him, but her heart belongs to Edward, who is far away. 

Bella’s reaction didn’t go down well with Jacob Black, but he could do nothing to change her mind. Instead, he had to play along and protect her from harm’s way. He ensured the vampires didn’t come close to her. 

Taylor Lautner’s Age In Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I

The Twilight franchise didn’t only generate massive revenue for the producers. It generated a loyal fan base for the franchise, which was something remarkable. 

The Breaking Dawn Part I was released in 2011 and Lautner was a 19-year-old boy by then. It was yet another action-packed teen series and an emotional rollercoaster for the viewers. 

This time around, Jacob Black has to accept Bella and Edward’s relationship. He has to make peace with the couple and attend their wedding. But you could still see that Jacob’s love for Bella didn’t diminish, despite her rejecting him. 

He always wanted to be around her, ensuring no harm came her way. Jacob wasn’t happy when Bella spoke of her desire to transform into a vampire. He also had a serious altercation with Edward for getting her pregnant with a half-human and half-vampire baby.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I was another highly successful movie. In short, all the Twilight franchises were.

What Was Taylor Lautner’s Real Age In Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II?  

The “Breaking Dawn Part II” was produced in 2012, and Lautner was 20 years old by then. It was the last Twilight movie, and fans loved Lautner for his awesome physique and acting skills. 

Again, Breaking Dawn Part II was a successful movie in terms of revenue and fan base. Fans can’t get enough of the Twilight franchise. Many would hope the producers continue making more Twilight movies. 

Is Taylor Lautner Married?

Yes, Taylor Lautner is married. The actor announced that he was dating “Tay” Dome in 2008. The couple tied the knot in November 2022. 

Lautner’s wife isn’t a movie star. Instead, she’s a nurse from California. Before marrying Dome, Lautner dated celebrities like Selena Gomez, though the relationship lasted only three months. 

Taylor Lautner has also dated several high-profile celebrities in the entertainment industry. These include Taylor Swift, American model Ashley Benson, Lily Collins, actress Maika Monroe, Carrier Fisher and Maria Avgeropoulos. 

Is Taylor Lautner Engaged? 

Yes, the actor was engaged to Tay Dome and married her in 2022. They have been dating since 2008. 

Taylor Lautner has been in several relationships and the spotlight for the wrong reasons. In 2011, there was a rumor about him being gay, something many of his fans weren’t too pleased about. 

However, the news about Lautner being gay was fake news. He’s straight and now married to the love of his life. 

How Much Is Taylor Lautner Worth?

Taylor Lautner has had a career anyone in his age group or status will be proud of. In addition to a highly successful career, he has a lovely wife and supportive parents. His parents have been there for him through thick and thin. They have been supporting him physically, emotionally, financially, and mentally. 

 Lautner’s successful career and spell, especially in the Twilight movie, didn’t only push him to stardom. It made his bank account fatter. 

The actor, model and martial artist is worth a fortune. He amassed massive wealth from movies such as Twilight, including his martial arts career. He is said to be worth over $40 million. 

Lautner is a very talented actor. He’s intelligent, skilled, and has a great physique. His pretty baby face also endears him to fans. He’s a handsome fellow who knows how to act. 

Today, he’s married, and we can help but wish him a very successful marriage.  


Is Taylor Lautner Native American? Taylor looks like a Native American and has claimed such. He is also believed to have Dutch, German, and French ancestry.

Unfortunately, there is no link between Lautner and Native Americans. He’s not a Native American, as many have been thinking for years. He’s an American, though ancestry to Dutch, German, and French via his mother is undeniable. We cannot also rule out the possibility of him having Native American ancestry via his mother. 

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