Is The White House In Maryland? Must-Know Facts 

Is The White House In Maryland

Have you encountered questions like, “Is the White House in Maryland.” Hundreds of people search for this very same question every year.  

The White House is a symbolic building in the United States of America’s history. It is the country’s most important and most protected property, probably in the entire world. 

The White House is where the United States president and family live, and the president works there too. So, the massive security the property enjoys is understandable. But where is the White House located? Read to know more!

Is The White House In Maryland?  

No, the White House isn’t in Maryland and has never been. The White House is also not in Virginia. If the White House were in Maryland, it would have placed it in a state, and the Constitution doesn’t recognize that. 

The White House should be in a District, not a state. Again, if the White House were in Maryland, it would have given the state some perceived advantage. 

For example, the previous US capital was in Pennsylvania and New York, which gave those states some clear advantage. 

Where Is The White House Located?

The White House is in the District of Columbia, which isn’t in any state. And that’s how the Constitution wants it to be. The White House isn’t in Maryland or Virginia. Again, establishing it in either state might create more disunity than ever. It will give the state more advantage than others. 

The District of Columbia (DC) was genuinely part of Maryland, but that was in the past. So, DC, where the White House is, belongs to Maryland and Virginia. The land the US government built it on was cut from Maryland and Virginia. 

The White House is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC. 

A Handy Tip: The District of Columbia’s boundary originally included land borders from Virginia and Maryland, but things changed years after. In 1846, Congress decided against the plans of the federal government to use a portion of Virginia’s land. The land was later returned to Virginia. 

Only the portion of land from Maryland remains. And it’s the reason many believe the White House is in Maryland. 

Who Owns The White House?

The White House is not the president’s property. Presidents come and go. But the White House will remain vacant until the masses elect a new president. 

The United States has had 46 presidents, including Joe Biden, the current president of the United States of America. Joe’s first tenure began in 2021.  

Of the 46 United States presidents, only 45 lived in the White House. It was under construction through George Washington’s tenure as president. So, he never had a chance to live in it. 

So, who is the owner of the White House? The federal government owns the White House. But don’t forget they derive their powers from the people they govern. So, the people of the United States automatically own the White House. It’s one of the reasons it’s called ‘The People’s House.”

What if someone told you that the president lives in the national park? Wouldn’t it sound hilarious to you? But that’s the case. The National Park Service provides a more bureaucratic answer regarding who owns the White House.   

This gigantic building is located on an 82-acre national park regarded as “President’s Park. A 1961 law made it clear that the tract of land on which the White House would be built would be administered under the Organic Act of 1916, and this was the same Act that created the National Park Service.   

So, literally, the United States president is living in a national park. Of course, there are plenty of things to do and see in the White House. It’s a historic building and a magnificent one as such. 

What Is The Distance Between The White House And Maryland?

The White House sits on land cut from Maryland. So, they’re not that far apart. The distance between the White House and Maryland is 37.93 km. 

This equals 20.47 nautical miles or 23.57 miles. A look at the map shows how close both areas are. You don’t need to travel from Maryland to the White by air. 

However, if you insist on traveling by airplane from Maryland to the White House, you’ll arrive at your destination in 0.04 hours.  

Was The White House Always In The District of Columbia?

Yes, the White House has always been in DC and nowhere else. President George Washington oversaw the White House’s construction, which began in 1792. He laid the cornerstone for the White House.  

Unfortunately, George Washington only oversaw the process and ensured its completion. He never had the privilege to live in it. The White House’s construction was completed in 1800, while George Washington left office in 1797. 

John Adams was the first president to live and work in the White House. He was president when the building was completed. 

A Handy Tip: Many people may wonder who founded the White House and how its design came to light. Well, George Washington, the first democratic president of the United States, founded the White House in 1791. In 1792, the first cornerstone of the building was laid. 

Several architects were asked to provide a design of the White House, but the president picked the Irish-born architect James Hoban’s design. 

It took eight years to finish the construction of the White House. Construction started from 1792 to 1800. And even when President John Adams and his family moved in, the house was not yet completed. There was still some work to be done. 

How Much Is The White House Worth?

A building that took eight years to construct will surely be complex and expensive. In general and plain terms, the White House is the most expensive building in the country and, obviously, the world. 

Zillow, a US-based real-estate Listings Company, calculated the price in 2017 and estimated $397.9 million. In British pounds, the property is estimated to be £290 million.  

This shows that the White House is more expensive than the most expensive building in Great Britain. 

How Many Rooms Does The White House Have?

There are plenty of rooms in the White House. One could easily get lost or lose their way in the White House. You won’t know how massive the property is until you enter and navigate the rooms. 

The White House has many rooms, unlike Buckingham Palace. While the White House boasts 132 rooms, Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms. 

In terms of the number of bathrooms, Buckingham Palace has more. The White House has 32 bathrooms, while Buckingham Palace has 78 bathrooms. However, while the Palace has four floors, the White House has 6 floors. 

The White House has eight staircases, 412 doors, 28 fireplaces and three elevators. It’s a massive building, as shown in the number of days it took to build it. 

It will require over 570 gallons of paint if the government decides to repaint the outside area of the house only. Now this is a lot of work that could take months to complete. 

A Handy Tip: A special bathtub was made for Howard Taft because of his height and size. Taft was the largest president the United States has ever had. He was 6 feet tall and weighed three hundred pounds. 

Despite his massive size, Taft loves playing sports. He was a physically active child that took dance lessons seriously, despite his tendency to be obese. 

Howard Taft was the 27th president of the United States of America. He served from 1909 to 1913 and later became the Chief Justice of the country’s Supreme Court. 


Is the White House in Maryland? No, the White House isn’t in Maryland. Rather, it’s in the District of Columbia, DC. 

Citing the White House in Maryland will be unconstitutional. It was also given the state more privileges and advantages over other states. 

The federal government owns the White House. But let’s not forget it’s also called “The People’s House.” So, it’s equally owned by the people of the United States of America. 

The White House is worth $397.9 million, making it one of the most expensive buildings in the world. It is where the president and family live. The president also works in the White House. 

George Washington founded and laid the first cornerstone of the White House. But he didn’t have the privilege to live in it. His tenure expired when the building was still under construction. 

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